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Rotorua's ultimate Jet boat ride, Jet sprint action, Family fun, Adrenalin hit,V8 jet boat ride, Thrills and excitement for all ages.


The Jet Boat on the Go!

Strap in, buckle up and hang on to THE EDGE of your seat while you accelerate to 100kmph in just 4.5 seconds!on our Jet boat ride .

The Agrojet explodes into action and a few seconds later you are racing at high speed towards the bank. When you think it’s too late, your driver executes what seems an impossibly tight turn.

The maneuverability of these jetboats  is staggering, as you negotiate islands and hairpin turns and experience the famous 360-degree Hamilton Jet spin !Based on the extreme sport of  jet sprinting, our professional driver will take you on heart-pumping hot laps of our 1km sprint course. Our specialised jet boat racing seats  and harnesses will keep you firmly in place.

Do you think you can handle the G’s and the thrill of your life?

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Opening Hours are from 9am till 5pm
(except xmas day)



Sydney-Rotorua direct trans-tasman flights from Dec 12, 2009 with Air New Zealand